• Shanghai International Science &Art Exhibition
2012~2013 Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
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Prospectus for
2012~2013 Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
Exhibition Background
1.      At a time of fast economic and social development and rapid scientific and technological progress, our lives are undergoing dramatic changes. We are moving into a new era where we can turn imagination into reality, turn ideas into products and turn demand into supply. We can perceive immense impacts of the development of the Information Age.  Following development trends & conditions conform to principles for the development of science and art.
2.      As technology and humanity are leading a new technological revolution and the traditional development is being subverted, a great number of new and unique products are appearing in our lives. Their occurrence, appearance and industrialization rely on the promotion of science and art.     
3.      Seizing the world’s development trends in science and art is helpful to find a feasible mode for China’s independent innovation. Implementing the "people-oriented" approaches promotes economic transition. The mighty vitality of the experience economy is being shown.   
Exhibition Theme
Joy of Innovation
– Continuous innovation and harmonious integration of science and art bring boundless joy to the public 
Exhibition Mission
Making science come close to the public, and integrating art into our life
Exhibition Dates
17~20 May, 2012
Exhibition Venue
Shanghai Exhibition Center (No. 1000 Yan'an Middle Road)
Exhibition Objectives
The Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition will showcase cutting-edge technology and art from around the world. It will offer scientists and artists a platform to relax their minds. It will display the public's intelligence & wisdom and folk art and provide the grassroots people a stage to show themselves. It will cultivate the soil for science and art and solidify the foundation for development and reform. It will create opportunities for enterprises to work for the public good.
The Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition will represent, in whatever method, form and content are chosen, how imagination subverts tradition, technology leads technological revolution and creativity stimulates artistic thinking. It will advocate the experience economy to promote transition and development. Creativity & innovation leads reform and science & art changes our future.        
Centering on a journey through time, the Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition will promote the popularization and education of scientific knowledge by contrasting past and present as well as looking into the future.
The Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition will set up recreational activities with interactive forms to interact with participants highlighting novelty and innovation.
Arrangement of the Exhibition Area
Section I: Classic Area                               
Content 1: Gallery for Academicians
-- Select portraits of academicians created in this year or previous years. In forms of combining science and art, deepen public perception of academicians and their research fields, showcase academicians’ accomplishments in their research fields and broaden academicians’ social influence.
Content 2: Cutting-edge Technology
--Explore China’s most-up-to-date science & technology trends and important scientific research achievements as well as Shanghai’s important scientific research projects.
For instance:
Large Aircraft, Aircraft Carrier, No.1 Jiaolong Submersible and Offshore Oil 981;
Joy of Innovation of Biotechnology - Protein Research Facilities and Biobank
Joy of Innovation of Space World - Greet launch of spaceships Shenzhou-9 and Shenzhou-10 in 2012
Content 3: Art Appreciation
-- Display the most-up-to-date artistic achievements and accomplishments in various art forms. 
-- Put you in a good mood and lift your taste during art appreciation.
Section II: Creative Design Area 
Content 1: Boundless Pursuit of Science
For instance: Printing human organs with 3D Bio-printer, Triphibian Flying Car, Cloning Extinct Animals and 14 Great Bionic Inventions;   
Content 2: Technicalization of Art
For instance: Smell-O-Vision, DigitalMuseum, 3D Painting and Audio Visual Art;
Section III: Education Area
Content 1: Foster Chinese “Steve Jobs”
- Cultivate innovative & creative Clusters and study the impact of different educational concepts on innovation & creation under different cultural backgrounds.
Content 2: Educational Interaction
- Explore innovative approaches to entertainment-education; Interpret scientific principles by means of teaching molds and reading material, etc.; Display educational achievements and development orientations in the fields of science and art.
Section IV: Feature Area
Content 1: World Trends in Science and Art
-Recruit representative exhibits from different international organizations, countries, institutions and regions to discover development trends in science and art in different classes, thus exploring an innovative model which conforms to China’s actual situation.
For instance: Vertical farm, Rolling Bridge, Seed Bank, 3D Game Machine and Low Carbon Life;
Content 2: Social Forces of the Information Age
-Thanks to socio-technical development, microblogging and personal video appeared. Grassroots forces can’t be disregarded. It has been proved that these emerging communication methods have surpassed traditional media. More and faster information transfer methods have penetrated into every corner. Some of them have become social concerns and hot topics.
For instance: Remote Health Care, Google Maps, Vehicle Connectivity and Cloud Computing;  
Content 3: Enterprise Innovation Model
-Break away from the traditional economic development models; Driven by the experience economy, innovation and creativity have helped contribute to increasing economic value added.
For instance: Free Experience, The Long Tail, Crowdsourcing and Gathering Together of Leading Innovative & Creative Enterprises;
Exhibition Award
Award Categories 
l         5 Winners of Science & Art Innovation Award;
l         5 Winners of Science & ArtApplied Research Achievement Award;
l         10 Winners of Science & Art Excellent Exhibit Award;
l         5 Winners of Science & Art Outstanding Youth Award;
l         5 Winners of Science & Art Organizational Excellence Award
Related Events
Pre-exhibition Events
l         Symposiumon Planning for the Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
l         Kick-off Meeting for Recruitment of Overseas & Domestic Exhibits
l         Seminar on Exhibit Recruitment for the “Gallery for Academicians” incorporating with the New Year Reception for Academicians and Artists 
l         Preliminary Appraisal Meeting of the Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
l         Small-scale MediaCommunication & Coordination Meeting
l         Press Conference
l         Preview of the Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
Events during the Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition
l         Opening Ceremony
l         Expert Appraisal Meeting
l         New Creation and Design Product Release Conference
l         Science and Art Forum
l         Closing Ceremony
Post-exhibition Events
l         National Exhibition Tour
l         Overseas Exhibition Tour
l         Academic Communication Activities for Science and Art
Organizational Structure
Science Consultants
Li Zhengdao, Renowned Chinese-American Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner; Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Society of Science and Art
Ye Shuhua,Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS; Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Society of Science and Art
Shen Wenqing,Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Vice President of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Chairman of Shanghai Society of Science and Art

Art Consultants
Wu Yigong, Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles; Chairman of Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Renowned Film Director; Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Society of Science and Art  
Fang Zengxian, Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Artists Association; Director of Shanghai Art Museum
Zhou Xiaoyan, Renowned Chinese Soprano Singer and Vocal Educator; Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of Music; Former Vice Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association, Honorary Chairman of Shanghai Society of Science and Art
Shanghai Association for Science and Technology 
Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles
Shanghai Artists Association
Shanghai Society of Science and Art
SAST Undertakings Development Center
Special Supporters
Shanghai Science & Technology Development Foundation
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